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Even And Odd bet is one of the types of bets that a large number of players choose to participate in. When it often brings much higher efficiency than some other bets offered by the house. Therefore, it receives the player’s feelings but is also completely understandable. But what is Even And Odd? Let’s learn more about how to bet on even and odd odds right through this article.

What is Even And Odd?

What is Even And Odd?

What is an even bet? This is a bet set by the house so that players can begin to make judgments about possible goals during the match. Then the player will need to choose to bet on each bet:

  • Even: Goals in even numbers from 2 – 4 – 6,…
  • Odd: Goals in odd numbers from 1 – 3 – 5,…

With Even And Odd bets, it will be more difficult for us to analyze the results. Because the evolution of the match is often unpredictable. Any situation can change the outcome of the bet you have chosen.

The most popular types of even odds in soccer betting

Currently, this bet is divided into many different types of bets for players to easily choose. Below are the most popular types of betting odds.

Odds for both teams

Even And Odd for both teams, players will predict whether the total number of goals scored by the two teams in the match is even or odd. If both teams do not score any goals, the score will be even.

In the event of a match being abandoned midway, bets will be void, unless the results have already been determined as follows.

  • Even/Odd: Calculate the result for the total number of goals in the entire match.
  • Even/Odd in 1st half: Only count results for total goals in 1st half.
  • Even/Odd in the 2nd half: Only count the total number of goals in the 2nd half.

Besides the above odds, players also have additional options for each team’s results:

  • Odd/Odd: The winning numbers of the home team and the away team are both odd.
  • Odd/Even: The home team wins with an odd number of goals and the away team with an even number of goals.
  • Even/Odd: The home team and away team have an even and odd number of goals scored respectively.
  • Even/Even: Both the home team and the away team return even.
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Bet on one team

In addition to predicting for both teams, players can choose Even And Odd for a team they love. Similar to above, Jiliasia have the following bets:

  • Odd/Even: Calculate the overall match result for the team selected by the player.
  • Odd/Even 1st half: Only the results of the selected team in the 1st half are counted
  • Odd/Even 2nd half: Only the results of the selected team in the 2nd half are counted.

Other Even And Odd

Besides the above odds, this form of betting is also expanded with different options such as: 

  • Corners bet: Players will bet on whether the total number of corners in each half or the whole match will be even or odd. 
  • Penalty odds: Predict whether the total number of penalty goals will be an even or odd number.
  • Odd-even penalty cards bet: Players will predict whether the total number of penalty cards in the match is even or odd. In particular, yellow card will correspond to 1 point and red card will correspond to 2 points.

The Most Standard Way to View Even And Odd

The Most Standard Way to View Even And Odd

Below is a list of odd-even odds most commonly applied by bookmakers today, you can refer to:

  • Even: The number of goals scored by a team is an even number
  • Odd: The number of goals scored by a team is an odd number.
  • Even Total: The number of goals scored by both teams is an even number.
  • Odd Total: The number of goals scored by both teams is an odd number.

In addition, each bookmaker will have the ability to announce other Even And Odd for players to choose from. Therefore, you can also experience separate bets, depending on each participating bookmaker.

Calculate winnings when applying Even And Odd

When participating in betting, understanding how to calculate winnings is extremely important. The basic formula to calculate the winning amount is:

“Winnings = Bet amount x odds

Note that results are only calculated during the official match time, including 90 minutes and overtime. Goals scored in extra time or penalty shootouts will also not be counted.

For example: Suppose a player wants to bet on full-time parity in a match between Germany and France. Even odds are 0.810 and odd odds are 0.890.

The player bets 100,000 VND on the odd number of total goals. After the match ends, if the total number of goals is an odd number (2-1), the player will win the bet. Winnings = 100 x 0.890 = 89,000 VND.

Extremely Good Odd-Even Betting Experience

Extremely Good Odd-Even Betting Experience

To help players increase their probability of winning in today’s odd-even betting process. We will reveal to you some special experiences right below. Please be flexible with each bet from the house.

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Compare the Levels of Two Teams

First, players need to clearly compare the actual situation of both teams. Find out carefully the level of each player in the upcoming squad, for example. Only then will it be easy for you to predict the bet and the odds of winning when placing bets.

Refer to the Injury Situation and History of Two Teams Confronting Previously

Besides, the player’s injury situation is also a factor we can hardly ignore. Because this greatly affects the betting odds from the house. Need to consult and update accurate news regularly.

Maybe a lot of people don’t pay attention to the past. But in football, confrontation history also reflects many things. Because there are many football teams that often have a “resisting” attitude towards each other.

Betting Indicators Announced

The house’s odds play a very important role in the player’s decision. In case you feel that the bet is not “poetic”, do not rush to lower the bet. Because the risk of losing bets is relatively large, causing large losses of capital.

Even And Odd Bets Each Round

Or if you are someone who already has many necessary judgment skills. It is absolutely possible to choose how to bet on even and odd odds for each round. Just observe and follow the changes of the match. Limit possible risks and be more flexible in making your own bets.

Always Monitor Betting Changes

In addition, the betting odds from the house have completely unexpected fluctuations. Therefore, players need to always monitor before and during the match. To make specific comments on odd-even betting in the most effective way.

Some Notes When Choosing Even And Odd Now

Not only that, players also need to be more careful when betting on even and odd odds at some bookmakers now. Avoid making unnecessary mistakes by clearly remembering each important point below, specifically as follows.

Be Psychologically Prepared to Be Stable and Firm

To bet on standard odd-even odds, players must always prepare a really strong and stable mentality from the beginning. Because to win in each betting round, judgment is very important.

Absolutely do not make decisions when you are impatient or unable to maintain your inherent calmness. That can cause you to make unnecessary mistakes.

Know How to Divide Bets Reasonably

Manage your capital properly, if you don’t want to see your account quickly run out of capital. Don’t overdo it, it’s not really necessary.

It’s better to allocate your bet amount appropriately, based on the betting strategy you set out at the beginning. And limit betting an amount of money that is too large at the same time compared to the amount of capital you currently own.

Use Strategies to Double Your Bets

Not only that, the strategy of doubling the bet also brings many good results for players. If you know how to use it flexibly and appropriately in each different situation.

Therefore, players should still refer to this long-standing strategy before placing bets on each bookie’s bet. Because it has never been considered outdated.


Above is important information related to what odd-even odds are and the most effective way to bet today. Players should refer to and apply appropriately for themselves. To increase your winning rate through each round of betting.

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